A City Club at Gibson Mill Wedding


We had the pleasure of photographing Robin and Keelan’s roaring 20’s themed City Club at Gibson Mill wedding. Read more about their fun relationship story below!

When I first laid eyes on Keelan at work, I told my work sisters that he was my “boyfriend”.
Disclaimer: This part of the story may seem a bit crazy because…
…I didn’t actually know him at the moment. However, I was always told to speak things into existence. Therefore, I took the creepy admiral approach for this particular situation. Story continued… Keelan and I never held detailed conversations at work. We would simply pass by each other in the hallway and give each other awkward hellos. I always found him extremely attractive but every time I would be in the same area as him I would get nervous and start sweating. If you want to find a partner as well you can try this free fuck buddy app to met people yourself.
One day, I was approached by a mutual friend about a “serious” inquiry regarding a CERTAIN individual. After our conversation, in which we will keep confidential, my “make believe boyfriend” was provided my telephone number. I was so happy that on that day, the dating gods saw it fit for Keelan and I to finally connect.
Let’s fast forward to our first date…Our first date was casual. He told me to avoid wearing heels and to just come comfortable. We met a restaurant and talked and enjoyed a few drinks for six hours. Yes…SIX HOURS! We totally lost track of time and our waitress had to let us know that we had to leave due to the restaurant closing. After our first date, I called my mom and I told her that I met my husband. As cliché as that may sound, I knew that god made this man for me. This is our love story…

After our first date, I think I knew he was the one. I loved his conversation. He was attractive and really laid back. Keelan was a totally different from anyone I had ever dated and it was truly a breath of fresh air.

I knew the day I was going to propose to Robin. That morning, I woke up extremely confident and excited about one of the biggest moments I was about to experience in my life. I knew that proposing to Robin was something that I wanted for us. Leading up to the moment, I was nervous. I wanted the moment to be perfect and for everything to go just right.
I went about that day being completely chill and acting normal. It was obvious that Robin had no clue what was going on. We had a family photo shoot scheduled and I decided that at some point in the shoot I would propose. The crazy part to this proposal story was that no one knew that it was going to happen.
During the shoot, everyone was really comfortable. We were laughing with one another and then I suddenly got down on one knee. I had some heartfelt words in my mind. However, Robin was so excited that she didn’t let me say anything. She immediately said yes! Her saying yes filled me with so much emotion. The day I proposed to the love of my life will always be one of the best days of my life!

Robin: The one thing I really love about Keelan is his demeanor. He is laid back, confident, and sweet. He is the total package and I wouldn’t trade him for the world.
Keelan: The one thing I love about Robin is how caring and thoughtful she is to myself and the people around her. This is why I love her so much. She changed me for the good and I am so grateful that she is my daughter’s mother and my wife.

Robin: Keelan attempts to dance but it comes off a little stiff lol. I give him such a hard time about it but he’s improving.
Keelan: Robin secretly thinks she can rap.

Vendor List

Florescio Films
Embellished Blooms
Rock Hill AME Zion Church
City Club at Gibson Mill
Monica Noa of Nouveau Events
DJ Supreme and Groove Masters Band
Hayley Paige
Blush Bridal
Griffin Wing Productions
Cake Couture

Robin and Keelan, your City Club at Gibson Mill wedding day was absolutely beautiful. Your nuptials were heartfelt and emotional and the love that your family has for you two is truly tangible. Thank you for inviting us into your very special day!
P.S. Did you love Robin’s wedding look? We sure did! Click here to see her gorgeous after-wedding bridal session!
City Club at Gibson Mill Wedding



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