Raleigh Branding Session

Raleigh Branding Session | Kimberly Albritton


It’s always a great time when we can strategize with other businesses to make their branding images a reality. It was no different when author Kimberly Albritton reached out to us to do a Raleigh Branding Session for her business Couture Copywriting and for her new children’s book, Better Than ME! We had so much fun. Learn about her new book, Couture Copywriting and see her colorful branding session after the jump!

When you first meet Kimberly, the first thing you notice is a kind of quiet confidence that emanates from her. She is a woman that knows what she wants and she absolutely knows her passions. One of those passions is the art of writing. As an ambitious woman, Kimberly has channeled her love of the craft into a career as a professional and creative writer. Kimberley has written for numerous magazines, anthologies, produced a collection of short stories and has even contributed to the Chronicles Photography blog! In addition, she has also written a children’s book titled, Better Than ME!

Raleigh Branding Session

According to Kimberly, “Better Than ME! is an aspirational story of a young man who learns, through heartfelt conversations, to be better than those that came before him.” The sweet story of young Kaiwuan carries him through interactions with his father, mother and other family members who share words of inspiration with him. Kaiwuan’s story is punctuated with beautiful illustrations by Keisha Whatley of Custom Arts Studio.

Raleigh Branding Session

In addition to being a published author, Kimberly also provides writing services through her company, Couture Copywriting. Her team will essentially take over the writing and social media aspects of your company, customizing content in the voice of your brand. Be sure to contact her to chat content and strategy for your brand.

Raleigh Branding Session Raleigh Branding Session

Raleigh Branding Session Raleigh Branding Session

And don’t forget to support Kimberly’s latest endeavor, Better Than Me! Trust me, this book will be a hit with the littles in your life! Here is the link to purchase your copy.

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