What Should I Wear For My Brand Shoot?

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What should I wear for my brand shoot? This is a question that plagues many of us when preparing for a shoot. My goal is to use this post to bring you a bit more clarity when it comes to planning your outfits for your brand shoot!

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How Many Outfits Should I Bring For My Brand Shoot?

What Should I Wear For My Brand Shoot?

Thinking about bringing just one outfit? Nope! Aim to bring 3-5 outfits to your brand shoot. This is a solid number that will allow for a variety of looks and help to really show your target audience who you are.

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What Types of Outfits Should I Bring To My Brand Shoot?

This is where things can get a bit out of control. The key to answering this question is to know ahead of time what topics and types of content you’ll be shooting for. If you’re not sure, click here to download my personal brand photography bundle. This guide will walk you through conceptualizing your shoot.

Once you know the content that you need to shoot, create a professional look, semi-professional and casual look. These will make up the foundation of your looks.

It’s easy to treat a brand shoot like a traditional photoshoot. But please keep in the front of your mind that it’s not a typical shoot. A personal brand shoot, while it may look casual, is very strategic. The entire purpose of the shoot is meant to convey messaging to your client. We do this through facial expression, body language, attire and color. That said, every one of your outfits needs to say something to your potential client. When choosing your attire, ask yourself what message do you want your client to receive.

Maximize Your Outfits

I’m all about efficiency and maximization. So I encourage my clients to make the most of their outfits and the time we have by wearing layerable pieces like blazers and cardigans. Blazers and cardigans can be added or removed to create a totally different look. I’m all about these types of layers because they typically don’t add bulk to my subjects.

How Should I Accessorize For My Brand Shoot?

Accessorize based on your attire, personality, field of business and target demographic. Not sure where to begin or not really an accessories person? Classic pieces will always do the trick. A nice pair of studs, simple hoops, necklace and a watch are a great way to elevate an outfit without taking away from the overall look.

Not Fully Comfortable In It? Don’t Wear It!

If there’s even a slight question while you’re trying on outfits, don’t do it! If you find yourself tugging, readjusting, and checking, you’ll be doing the same during your shoot. And it’s gonna show in your images. Choose attire that fits well, and is properly tailored. Also, if you’re planning to wear support garments and new bras, try them on with your outfit beforehand. I’ve seen some of my clients have issues with attire because they tried on bras and support pieces on the day of. You don’t want that. I promise!

Bonus – Wear Your Favorite Fragrance!

If you have a fragrance that you absolutely love, that makes you feel your best, that helps you close the deal — wear it! Wear it! Wear it! There’s something to be said for showing up to the shoot looking and smelling your best that translates to your images. Trust me.

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