How Do I Take Brand Photos That I’ll Love and Use?

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How do I take brand photos that I’ll love and use? It’s a question that many business owners ask themselves when doing the initial research of securing a personal branding photographer. Here are some ways to ensure that you get the images that you’ll love and use time and time again!

Hire a Photographer That You Trust and Whose Style You Love

How Do I Take Brand Photos That I’ll Love and Use?

When hiring your personal brand photographer, make sure that you love their work and trust them to deliver the product that you hired them to do. That means being open to the ideas that they have for your locations as well. If you cannot trust them to provide a great deliverable that will convert leads to clients, maybe they are not the photographer for you.

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Plan Out Your Shoot

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Planning is what will send your session over the top in the best way. Planning will guarantee that you’ll have images that you’ll absolutely love and use. Think about the topics that you’ll be speaking about over the next few months. This includes social media, blogging and newsletters. Think about the facial expressions and body language that you’d like to use. Imagine what that looks like and write it down. Be as specific as you can. Then think about the outfits that will correspond with each scene. It’s easy to want to do it all when it comes to a personal branding shoot. This exercise will help keep you focused on the goals at hand.

Click here for an easy template to help you get your ideas in order!

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Be on Time

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As someone who has been doing photoshoots for over 8 years, I have seen shoots completely derail because of lateness; usually at the hand of someone else. This is not ideal because not only will you have eaten into your shoot time, but your energy won’t be the best because of the million and one negative thoughts brewing behind being late to the shoot. Here are some tips to help minimize the chance of lateness.

  1. Hire hair and makeup artists who have a proven track record of starting and ending on time. I have a list of preferred hair and makeup artists who start on time and are efficient. Not only that, but they are highly skilled at what they do. Good time management + Gorgeous end product = A stellar vendor
  2. Purchase and try on outfits and accessories well before your shoot. Doing so guarantees you’ll catch any issues beforehand.
  3. Keep travel time in mind. Do you need to stop for gas? Grab a quick bite to eat? Build a buffer into your travel time to allow for traffic and unexpected stops. Better to arrive early and relaxed than late and stressed.

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Visualization – Bring the Most Successful Version of Yourself to the Shoot

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Imagine who you want to be in the next three years. What does she look like? How does she dress? Who does she cater her business to? What are her interests? What is her mindset? Write the vision down and then ask yourself how you can bring that person to your shoot in present time. Maybe that means hiring a fashion stylist to help you with your look for the shoot. Maybe that means renting a space, furniture or vehicles for your shoot. All of this is okay!

The goal of your personal branding photoshoot is attract your ideal client. We attract our ideal client not only by showing the product we’re offering, but by being relatable to the client. So be sure to show up as the most successful version of yourself to your shoot!

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Don’t Rush the Process

How Do I Take Brand Photos That I’ll Love and Use?

I like to allow for at least 6 weeks from the time of our pre-client consultation to the day of shooting. At least 6 weeks. Allowing for at least six weeks minimum gives us time to brainstorm, come up with shoot concepts, rent any spaces or items, secure your hair and makeup artist, etc. Six weeks may seem like a long time, but it’s really just a drop in the bucket. When we use that six weeks to actively consult with one another, the shoot results are magic! This is definitely my preferred modus operandi.

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