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Happy Mother’s Day! | Mother’s Day Mashup

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Happy Mother’s Day!

This is just a simple post to honor all of the mama’s who are putting in that work with their children. It might seem as though you don’t get a break. You might have days where you’re frustrated, and tired, and annoyed because you can’t move the way you’d like. You might have days where you feel like you’re not progressing at the pace you’d like; “if only I had more help.” You might have days where you feel like you could be doing more with your children. You might question if you’re doing everything that you can to give them a better life than what you had.


You might not…but I do! And if you have ever felt any of the aforementioned feelings, just know that you are in good company. Most of my mom friends have expressed similar feelings to me. We commiserate together, encourage each other and build one another up. Knowing that you are not alone – that you are normal – can be such a relief. It’s okay!!!

We have a tendency to be so very hard on ourselves. Sometimes I’ll get in a place of feeling that I am not doing enough for my children. I’ll start to feel down. But it never fails; in that moment one of my children will come and give me a hug, a kiss, or a big smile. I will see them treating one another with kindness and compassion. I will hear them saying please and thank you. I will hear them using words that are well outside of the range of their vocabulary. I will hear them bless their food and say, “Amen.” I will hear them laughing and being oh so silly, just enjoying this life. Those are the moments that I hold on to. Those are the moments that reassure me that I’m doing just fine.

I really did not mean to make this post as long as it is. But I’m going to leave it as is, because I believe that us mamas don’t talk about the struggles nearly enough. The doubt, the insecurity. And sometimes when we do, we’re made to feel like we shouldn’t have anything other than warm, fuzzy feelings. FALSE! All of the feelings work together. What we do with them is what dictates how our children turn out.

Here’s to being a mother. The good and the bad, the worry and the joy, the certainty and the uncertainty. It’s all worth it. Happy Mother’s Day ladies!



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