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Maximize Your Wardrobe For Your Brand Shoot

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Here’s a quick reel showing how you can take a few pieces to maximize your wardrobe for your brand shoot!

A common issue that people face when prepping for their brand shoot is figuring out what to wear. I promise that with proper planning, you can turn a few pieces into a variety of looks for your shoot. Not only that, but the time between changes will be minimal.

Items In This Video – Maximize Your Wardrobe For Your Brand Shoot

1 pair of slacks

1 pair of leggings

1 black cami

1 sweater

1 blazer

1 hat

I started this segment with my slacks, sweater and hat. I wore the cami underneath my sweater. For the second look, all I needed to do was remove my sweater.

The cami and slacks could be a look on its own, but I added the blazer for a polished look. You can leave the sleeves down or roll them up for a change of vibe.

After this look, I simply took off the slacks and put on the leggings. This is my polished athleisure look. And after a day of zoom meetings, simply remove your blazer and you have your gym look.

The other thing that you can do in order to add variety to your looks is change up your shoes and accessories. You can add a chunky necklace, a scarf, a wide brim hat, a bag, a belt, etc. The options are endless. Use this pose as a reference to maximize your wardrobe for your brand shoot.

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