7 Tips For Having An Amazing Engagement Session!

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Tips for a great engagement session - Dress It Up - Michelle Dawn Photography

Let’s face it, being in front of the camera is not something that most of us feel comfortable with. There’s the uncertainty of what you should be doing. Should you smile, should you be serious? Is the photographer going to capture your best angles? How do you even get to your good angles? I know, and have heard a lot of the initial struggles that come with being in front of the camera. That’s why I’ve decided to share my 7 tips for having an amazing engagement session!

Tell Your Special Story

One of my tips for having an amazing engagement session is to incorporate your special story into your shoot. How did you meet? What are your shared interests? How did the proposal go down? All of these are great questions to ask yourself when planning your engagement session. Telling your story will give you something to focus on during your shoot, and it will make your images that much more special.

Incorporate Props

The heading says it all. Incorporate those props! What are your wedding colors? Maybe bring them into your shoot with smoke bombs or biodegradable confetti. Are you wanting to use your engagement photos for your save the dates? Try incorporating your date into your images in a new and fun way. Props can also give you something to do with your hands.

Don’t Forget Your Personalities!

Bring your personality to the party! Yes, we love doing editorial kinds of poses for our clients. But we also love when you two get really real in front of the camera. Are you two a little silly on a day to day basis? Are ya’ll just sexy all the time? Maybe a bit of both? Do you both love comic books and super heroes? We wanna see it! Let who you both fell in love with shine in front of the camera. It will make your engagement session that much more memorable and fun.

Choose A Great Location

Location isn’t everything, but boy does it help to create a vibe! If there is a location where you’d love to shoot, tell your photographer. We love the dope locations! A good location can give us, and you, the added inspiration to produce something that is extra magical.

Get Your Nails Done And Ring Cleaned

Your ring is the star of the show, and by default so are your hands. Your photographer will more than likely be taking pictures of your ring, so make sure that she looks her best and that your hands do too. I’m always down for self care, so add the paraffin wax treatment to your mani for an extra luxe experience!

Dress It Up

This is the time to go all out! Do something different. I help my clients with wardrobe selection for their engagement shoots. We choose their attire based on their location and overall theme of their shoot. My clients come to me with an idea of what they’d like to wear and we narrow those ideas down into something that works with their vision. Not sure where to start? Hire a stylist. Do something different! Also, engagement sessions are a great time to try out your wedding day makeup artist and hair stylist.

Put The Focus On Each Other

Last but definitely not least, focus on each other. Your bond is the reason for this session. If you are feeling nervous, turn to the person next to you. Embrace and talk to each other. You’d be surprised at how just cracking a joke between the two of you can knock some of those jitters off.

Bonus! Make A List

I don’t know about you all, but I’m a list queen. They help me to be more focused on the task at hand. I’d recommend making a to do/reminder list for any session that you have. As list queen, I’ve actually created one that you can use for your session.

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