Davids Bridal Collection Wedding Dress. Trumpet Style Wedding Dress

A Raleigh NC Wedding | Kelly + Richard


We love when our couples add super fun details to their wedding day. And just in time for Halloween, we have a really fun post. Read all about Richard and Kelly’s Raleigh NC Wedding with touches of Batman sprinkled in!

Wedding Ring Detail Shot

Wedding Ring Detail Shot

Rich and I met in 2008 as we both were employed at a state correctional facility.

Rich organized a surprise cookout on Memorial Day, May 29, 2017 and invited our family and friends to our home. He asked everyone to park at the end of our street. He then notified everyone to walk up to the house and stand on the side until he gave them a signal. Rich then asked me to come outside on the back patio with him. He held both of my hands and proceeded to bend down on one knee. In an instant all of my friends and family ran from the side of our home. I totally stopped listening to what Rich was saying and repeatedly said “Oh my God.” I was totally surprised that he had orchestrated a surprise proposal right under my nose.

Rich and I started dating on April 28, 2015. We’ve been dating for 2 years and 6 months.

Our favorite moment from the wedding was when we gazed into each others eyes as I walked down the aisle with my two sons.

Our wedding experience was totally amazing! We never would of imagined that our day would of turned out so beautiful!

Davids Bridal Collection Wedding Dress. Trumpet Style Wedding Dress

Davids Bridal Collection Wedding Dress. Trumpet Style Wedding Dress

One of my best friends picked out the dress a while ago. She was assisting me with an online search for dresses. I actually didn’t like the dress until I saw it in person and tried it on. I knew in that moment that the gown was the one. My dress is from the David’s Bridal Collection!

Davids Bridal Collection Wedding Dress. Trumpet Style Wedding Dress, Raleigh NC Wedding

Tell me about your Batman theme. Why was it chosen?
We decided on the Batman theme because my husband is a true Batman fanatic. He watches Batman each and every day, and has numerous Batman collectibles throughout our home. We thought it would be a great idea to incorporate his love for this super hero into our wedding. Batman is a unique character that does not have any true super powers. He uses his strength and whit to accomplish the task. We thought it would truly be a fun idea to incorporate this theme into our wedding.

No, we actually stayed apart for an entire day before the wedding. It provided us both with heightened anticipation for our special day.

I was nervous that Rich was not going to make it through the wedding because he started to have a fever, coughing and a sore throat a few days before the wedding. He was just fine on our wedding day!

What advice would you offer to other couples planning a wedding?
My advice would be to start the planning process early. Plan at least a year in advance. Select people who have your best interest at hand. Incorporate family and friends in your wedding party that truly support you and your needs during the planning process. Be supportive and understanding of your spouses ideas. And be mindful of people who only want to share in the spotlight on your special day instead of assisting you throughout the process.

Follow the direction of the photographer. They know way more about what they are doing than you do.

Raleigh NC Wedding

It was a fun experience that we both enjoyed. You displayed an eagerness to provide us with the best!

Kelly and Richard, it was an honor to be a part of your wedding day! I wish you both all the love and happiness that you can handle.



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