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Torian and Arsenio. They are an amazingly kind and fun couple. Torian and Arsenio met in High School at Science Skills Center about 11 years ago. Their artistic, candid and animated nature sealed this couple as they bonded over life circumstances and the love of playing cards. Let me say that these two are super fun to watch in action. They easily flow in the language of each other and often times break out into laughter just at one glance. We planned to shoot in the area where they met and definitely wanted to incorporate some of the things that they love into their session. This shoot is so special because it showcases their love for the game of cards, original high school prom poses, the park where they first decided to date and their overall love for one another. Their personalities really shine through in this Brooklyn engagement session.

Science Skills Engagement Session 0001

Brooklyn Garden Engagement Session 0002

Brooklyn Engagement Session 0003

Brooklyn Garden Engagement Session 0004

Brooklyn Engagement Session 0005

Brooklyn Garden Engagement Session 0006

Brooklyn Engagement Session 0007

Brooklyn Engagement Session 0008

Manhattan Bridge Engagement Session 0009

Manhattan Bridge Engagement Session 0010

Brooklyn Engagement Session 0011

Brooklyn Engagement Session 0012

Downtown Brooklyn NY Engagement Session 0013

Downtown Brooklyn NY Engagement Session 0014

Downtown Brooklyn NY Engagement Session Card Themed 0015

Downtown Brooklyn NY Engagement Session Card Themed 0016

Downtown Brooklyn NY Engagement Session Card Themed 0017

Downtown Brooklyn NY Engagement Session Selfie Stick 0018

Brooklyn Engagement Session 0019

Congratulations Torian and Arsenio! I absolutely look forward to seeing what types of fun you all have lined up for your October 2016 nuptials! Till then, relax and enjoy the process of moving into #finallytorianarsenio




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