JC Raulston Senior Session | Jasmine


There are times in life that can be both joyous and a bit sad at the same time. When Jasmine was born I immediately fell in love with her little hands and feet and her spirit. As she grew older there was a spark in her that make everyone take notice. She has a drive and a vision for her life that is well beyond her years and level of experience. She has made her family so proud! She is academically gifted and super involved in volunteer work and extracurricular activities. This week, Jasmine started her first year as a High School senior in New York. Jasmine, her mom Tracee and her sister Kai came down to North Carolina for a visit, so I couldn’t let the opportunity pass to give her a JC Raulston senior session. Kai is also serving up some fierceness in this session!

JC Raulston Senior Session 0001

JC Raulston Senior Session 0002

JC Raulston Senior Session 0003

Senior Session 0004

JC Raulston Senior Session 0005

Senior Session 0006

JC Raulston Senior Session 0007

JC Raulston Senior Session 0008

Senior Session 0009

Senior Session 0010

Congratulations to Jasmine, Kai and Tracee! Love you!




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