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About a month ago, I put out a call for engaged couples to submit their images for a complimentary NYC engagement session. The lucky couple would win a complimentary 2 hour engagement session with me on the eclectic and lively streets of NYC. An engagement session with Chronicles Photography is normally valued at $350, so we wanted to make sure that we chose our couple wisely. There were so many beautiful couples to choose from, but Anna and Daniel’s story grabbed the hearts of the team. Below is their story and a few of the images from our shoot.

“Our story is quite unique – well, at least we like to think so!
An old colleague of mine talked me into signing up for an online dating site – OkCupid. After months of avoiding reality, I gave in and signed up. Daniel’s older brother, who lives in Philadelphia was also single and looking. He found me on the site and wrote me a note. The note said that he thought I should meet his brother who lives in NYC and said I should reach out to him on Facebook. As cautious as I was, I ignored the email. A month later, I was cleaning out my inbox and I came across his brother’s email – I decided to give it a shot and look him up. I was intrigued…so I decided to write him a quick note and add him as a friend. He, of course, was surprised to see a friend request from me and assumed he must have interacted with him through work. Long story short – we worked for the same company! I worked in HR and he was in Finance – he was quite embarrassed initially since he didn’t want me to think he asked his brother to reach out. I’m so glad that I decided to look him up!”

NYC Brooklyn Bridge Engagement Session_0001

NYC Engagement Session 0003

NYC Engagement Session_0004

NYC Brooklyn Bridge Engagement Session_0005

NYC Brooklyn Bridge Engagement Session_0006

NYC Engagement Session_0007

NYC Engagement Session_0008

NYC Times Square Engagement Session_0009

NYC Times Square Engagement Session_0010

NYC Times Square Engagement Session_0011

We had such an amazing time photographing you two in DUMBO, the Brooklyn Bridge and in the streets of Time Square! I wish the both of you nothing but happiness and blessings.




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