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Raleigh NC Wedding Planner

Happy wedding and engagement season!!! We are in full swing of weddings down here in Raleigh. It’s been a pretty amazing time thus far. But before the joy of the wedding day, the months leading up to the wedding day can be a very stressful time for everyone involved; including your wedding vendors. just released their annual list of the most stressful jobs of the year. Hitting the list at number eight is the job of an Event Coordinator. That’s pretty impactful. Why? Because your wedding planner takes on all of the stress that YOU would feel by planning a wedding on your own. Consider this; your planner has planned events time and time again and they can STILL feel an intense level of stress. I was able to sit down and chat with my colleague, friend and fellow Munaluchi Coterie Member, Elana Lynette Walker of Savoir-Faire Signature Events. She is an amazing wedding planner and has the awards from The Knot and WeddingWire to prove it! Elana has some excellent advice for anyone who is beginning the process of planning a wedding.

Raleigh NC Wedding Planner

Raleigh NC Wedding Planner

D: Tell us a little about your background. How did you begin your journey as a wedding planner and how long have you been in the profession?

E: My background is in fashion design however, I’ve loved planning events since college. I did some event planning for a music production company in Chicago while attending school. After having my son, I realized that I wanted to work for myself. So thinking back and remembering how much I loved event planning, I started working on my wedding & event planning business. I obtained my certification and my first client and everything just took off from there.

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Raleigh NC Wedding Planner

D: Where do you pull your inspiration for your planning ideas?

E: I look towards my clients for inspiration. I create their wedding based on who they are as a couple and as individuals. This is the best way to ensure that their wedding is a true reflection of them and not a cookie-cutter wedding.

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D: What do you love the most about planning?

E: I love the relationships I build with my clients. Planning also allows me to express my creativity.

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D: What are the benefits of hiring a wedding planner? What should a bride consider when choosing a wedding planner?

E: The best time for a bride to hire a planner is before she starts planning her wedding. From beginning to the end we can make sure she isn’t wasting time with incompatible vendors. Planners make sure she gets the most bang for her buck. Another thing to consider is that vendors respond to brides differently when they have planners. Vendors are less likely to take advantage of you when they know you have a planner on their side. Planners also bring a polished, professional touch to your wedding.

Raleigh NC Wedding Planner

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D: How do you typically work with other wedding vendors when planning a wedding?

E: We all work together to provide the bride with the best service possible.

Raleigh NC Wedding Planner

Raleigh NC Wedding Planner

D: What advice do you have for a bride who is looking for a wedding planner for her big day?

E: Make sure the planner is certified and has at least 30 weddings under their belt. But the most important thing to look for when considering a planner is that they get your vision.

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D: How can someone go about booking your services?

E: Please visit or call me at 919-753-8624.

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To hear more from Elana, be sure to check out her amazingly informative interview with TWC News and her Wedding Etiquette Quiz with the fabulous Valonda and Alex from WNCN. Till next time!


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