Portrait Palooza 2015 | Marbles Kids Museum


I’m a growth and learning kind of girl. So whenever a new opportunity to grow and learn presents itself, I’m usually all over it. Sure these types of opportunities make me fearful. I mean, who wants to fail? But…the BUT is so much bigger than failure. In the BUT is where growth, maturity, tenacity and enlightenment are shaped.

Marbles Kids Museum Wedding Portrait Palooza

Last year I was able to partake in Portrait Palooza for the very first time. You can read all about my first Portrait Palooza, here. Portrait Palooza is hosted by the Wedding and Portrait Society each year. Photographers pay a small fee to photograph a model, in full wedding attire, anywhere in the selected venue. The catch is…you only have ten minutes to do it. Sounds stressful, right? But it’s so fun! You come back to the holding area feeling so rejuvenated. At the end of the night, you can submit your images (or not) for judging. Portrait Palooza 2015 was hosted at Marbles Kids Museum. Marbles is a children’s museum by day, but a fun brides wedding paradise by night! I was able to take what I learned last year, plus all of the photography techniques that I learned over the course of the year, and apply it to the ten minutes that I had this year.

Marbles Kids Museum Wedding Portrait Palooza

I had a ball making this image! It took about five of my ten minutes trying to get it right. The Brenizer Method, an amazing way to create huge panoramas with buttery bokeh (aka the blurry parts) was used to create it. The room was so fun and vibrant that I wanted to capture it all, so I took about 20 individual images and pieced them together, much like a puzzle. The stuffed dog at her side was my witty addition. Lol. My image placed fourth this year and I’m pretty ok with that. There were so many talented photographers in the house that evening, each with their own style of shooting. It was a great environment for meeting folks and learning. I HIGHLY recommend this event to anyone who loves photography and would like to be challenged. Big thanks to WPS for putting this together, the models and the vendors who contributed their time and talents to this event.

Venue | Marbles Kids Museum
Flowers | Floral Dimensions
Make-up Artist | Radiant Beauty by Ashley
Hair | Cheri Leathers of Hair by Cheri
ewelry | Sabika Jewelry Inc
Gowns | Songbirds Consignment
Model | Stephanie Isbell

Till next year!

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