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I think that I’ve told you all before, but I’m a business student at East Carolina University. (Go Pirates!!!) I’m a distance education student, which means that all of my courses are online. This is really great for me because instead of spending time commuting, I can use that time to focus on learning more about the art of photography, practicing and building up Chronicles Photography as much as I can before I graduate. 
Since I’m entering my senior year, I decided that I wanted to apply for some business related internships. Two opportunities presented themselves and I applied for both. One was more corporate oriented and one was geared more toward photography. While the corporate position was a paid one, there were issues with the environment that didn’t sit well with me. The photography internship was unpaid but promised a lot of practical photography and business experience and entrance to a photography conference that I had been wanting to attend. I chose the photography internship at Kelly Martin Photography and have been so blessed by the process!
Kelly Martin | Chronicles Photography | North Carolina Portrait Photographer

Kelly is one of the most giving, humble people that I know. She has an intense passion to share her knowledge, even though we are in an arena that is super competitive. She doesn’t care! She just wants others to learn as much as they can, which is why she founded the CLIC Conference. CLIC is a conference for any level of photographer who is interested in breaking into the wedding industry. The speakers that she has lined up also have a passion to share and teach and are UH-mazing. I can’t wait to be a part of it next month.

Kelly Martin | Chronicles Photography | North Carolina Portrait Photographer
Then there’s this girl, who I always seem to catch behind the camera! That’s Shantelle, who is also interning with me. It has been a pleasure getting to know her, quoting silly movie lines and lyrics with her and such. Shantelle also makes a really yummy chili.  Our team is amazing and I love them both.

Shantelle Marie Clement | Chronicles Photography | North Carolina Portrait Photographer
Shantelle Marie Clement | Chronicles Photography | North Carolina Portrait Photographer
Needless to say, I’m so glad that I did not go with the corporate internship. Knowing what I know now, that internship wouldn’t have meshed well with the courses I took this summer. I probably would have failed one of those classes had I taken the internship. I’m glad that I listened to God and went with my passion. In the process I’ve learned so much, met some wonderful people and have had my heart filled beyond measure. This…is living!



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