Queen of exclamation points, coffee, changing up a look, encouragement and "I did a thing!"

Was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY back when pineapple waves, triple fat goose and bamboo earrings were what life was all about!


Growing up in a city as rich in culture as NYC is, you tend to pick something up that shapes you. Part of what I picked up was photography. From the time my grandmother gave me my first camera, I've been somewhat of the designated photographer -- Documenting occasions as they unfolded. 

expressing myself in that way gave a shy, introverted child a way to connect with others. All while remaining safe behind the camera.

Fast forward to present day; a time where pineapple waves, puffy coats and bamboo earrings are making a resurgence. While these styles continue to cycle in and out, my creativity remains. My introverted extrovert nature remains. And I use these characteristics to relate to my clients, put them at ease and produce timeless imagery that is unique to my clients' brand personality.

Me in three words...




My first name is Dawn. My middle name is Michelle, hence Michelle Dawn Photography. Makes sense, right?!

If you find encouragement and positivity refreshing, I'm your person!!!

I married Chad in 2011, relocated to NC 2 days later, Had my first son 5 years later, second son 2 years after that and my girl/boy twins 1.2 years after that.

It's by the grace of God, and coffee, that I'm still sane!!!

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